What is Sushi

Sushi is not just raw fish. Sushi 1 has tailored its own unique style of sushi to the Australian taste bud.
Sushi 1 ‘ s sushi is hand-rolled fresh fillings rolled in seasoned rice and seaweed.

The fillings include: – Seafood – Chicken – Avocado – Lettuce – Cucumber – Carrot

Sushi 1 fillings have many styles to choose from and include – Teriyaki – Satay – Sweet Chilli – Roasted – Japanese Mayonnaise

Origins of Sushi

The beginnings of Sushi started in Japan around 1834. At a time when the refrigerator did not exist, vinegar was used to keep foods fresh. The traditions of over one hundred years ago provide healthy, fresh and tasty choices for today ‘ s cuisine.

Why is Sushi Healthy?

The use of vinegar, rice and seaweed in Sushi provides healthier eating than a lot of today ‘ s offerings. Vinegar purifies the blood by returning acidified blood into weak alkaline. The citric acid cycle is chemically proven to be beneficial to health. Seaweed is an excellent source of trace minerals and contains high quality protein, high calcium, iron, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Rice has a 98% digestive absorption ratio and is high in energy, low in fat, low in sugar and has no cholesterol.

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